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"Cell Suicide"—A Discussion About Apoptosis With Marie Hardwick, PhD

Apoptosis—or cell suicide—helps rid the body of infected and damaged cells, but when it goes awry it can cause disease. The Bloomberg School's Marie Hardwick, PhD, talks about her pioneering research into the phenomenon and how it may lead to new ways to prevent disease. Interview with Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine editor Brian W. Simpson.

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"Disease Forecasting"—Setting a Snare

Hunters in the Sankuru district of central Congo demonstrate how they set a snare to catch antelopes, rodents and forest pigs. Primates are largely arboreal and are hunted with guns.

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"Disease Forecasting"—Weapons Manufacturing

In remote parts of central Congo, hunters rely on firearms manufactured with a homemade forge. Ammunition is also made by hand.

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