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Honorable Mention: "Maitili Woman Outside Her Painted House" by Joanne Katz. “This photo was taken in a district of Nepal called Sarlahi, along the Indian border, in November of 2006. There are two main ethnic groups in this area: Pahadis, people of Tibeto-Burmese origin, who have migrated from the hills of Nepal down to the plains; and Madeshis, of north Indian origin, who have migrated north from India. The local language of some Madeshis in this area is Maitili, and it is customary for this group to paint their houses with these intricate abstract patterns and scenes of people and animals. As we were leaving one village, we went past this house. What caught my eye was the deep blue of the woman’s sari and how it matched the blue of the paint. Several years ago, a Peace Corps volunteer organized a women’s cooperative for these women to paint on paper and pottery. These now sell in Kathmandu, and I have several paintings in my house here in Baltimore.” --Joanne Katz

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