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Right Brain vs. Left Brain

To save lives, public health experts must rely on both sides of the brain.

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Our Intimate Adversary

Death is inescapable, inevitable and irredeemably sad. So, why in the hell would we want to devote an entire issue to it?

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"Because I could not stop for Death"

In her tribute to a moving elegy by Emily Dickinson, poet Mary Jo Salter explains why Emily invites us to smile at death.

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Johns Hopkins Public Health magazine has won numerous awards for stories and special issues on sex and health, malaria, asthma, the dangers of field research, as well as Islam and public health. Peruse some of our award winners

About the Magazine

About the Magazine

We tell the stories behind the research performed at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Plus, find out how to subscribe, write to the editor and contact the Bloomberg School public affairs team.

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The Poetry of Life

The Poetry of Life

Sooner or later, we all must face it. Death. Experience the personal side of science's efforts against humanity's eternal inevitability.

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