A lone voice in bioterrorism preparedness for years, the School's Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies faces its first real-life threat.
By Brian W. Simpson

  • Anthrax: Filling in the Blanks | The Scoop on Cipro
    5 Feared Biological Agents | Q&A with DA Henderson
  • JHPH Magazine-Feature Images

    Vaccines and antibiotics make up our frontline defense against bioterrorism.
    By Mike Field

  • The Latest Vaccines and Antibiotics

    By Susan Muaddi Darraj

    By Jennifer Hudman

    By Ricky Fine

    Our generation's new understanding of public health

    The "why" of this Special Edition.

    Public health addressing terrorism, measuring Ground Zero, D.A. Henderson's new job, in the air with EIS, and more

    What is the nature of risk in our brave new world?