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Anatomy of an Epidemic
A mysterious respiratory ailment that broke out in southern China quickly sparked a global epidemic. How has SARS changed the future of public health?
By Jim Duffy

Cover art by Sandra Dionisi


Think Big... Move Fast
Smart, confident, and hard charging, alumnus Peter Beilenson has confronted Baltimore's multitudinous health problems for more than a decade.
By Dale Keiger

Generation Next 
An ebullient microbiologist, an Italian biostatistician, an economist of health... The Magazine introduces you to six rising stars on the faculty and their pioneering research.
By Michael Purdy


Editor's Note  
The story of public health is the story of people gaining insights and saving others’ lives.

Why the tobacco epidemic rages on, solving the health disparities problem, and other weighty issues.

Beyond the Headlines 
The real dirt on dirty bombs: Professor Jonathan Links explains what they are and why we should be concerned.

Welch Wanderings  
Global traffic injuries and deaths; high-tech test for malaria; preparations for bioterrorism in Baltimore; and other news briefs.

An unlikely alliance between a Hopkins psychiatrist and a former mental patient gave rise to the revolutionary mental hygiene movement.

Preparing for ultimate disasters; getting Thais fit; improving Nigerian vision; and other reports from alumni worldwide.

Schizophrenia research garners award; and other faculty and student honors of note.

Et AL  
Ten take-home lessons from the SARS epidemic.