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Gauging the Cost of Injuries in China

Major Causes of Lost Productivity*                Breakdown of Injuries*


*Measured in potentially productive years of life lost 
(due to premature mortality) per 100,000 people

Injuries cost China $12.5 billion in medical costs and lost productivity and claim more years of productive life than respiratory disease, heart disease, cancer, or infectious disease, according to a recent study co-authored by Tim Baker, professor, International Health. More than 12 million potentially productive years of life are lost due to injuries from automobile crashes, drowning, and other causes. “[That’s] equivalent to having 12 million workers on strike every year,” says Baker, MD, MPH ’54. He hopes the study will persuade Chinese health officials that injury prevention should be a top priority. “More resources and programs are needed to prevent injuries,” Baker says.
(Chart: Kevin Ghiglione)