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infinitesimal worlds of DNA, proteins and viruses

Mining secrets from the infinitesimal worlds of DNA, proteins and viruses, bench scientists at the Bloomberg School are discovering new solutions for global health.

Special Section by Brian W. Simpson, Kristi Birch and Rod Graham



Talkative, engaged toddlers suddenly withdraw into a future of silence. Epidemiologists seek the source of autism and the reason for burgeoning autism diagnoses.
By Melissa Hendricks

Rights to Life
Ethnic cleansing, suppression of marginalized groups and other human rights violations can cause public health disasters. A new Bloomberg School center ventures onto hazardous ground.
By Dale Keiger


Editor's Note  
If we’re all about saving lives millions at a time, why study bacteria in Petri dishes?

Seeking volunteers in the fight against dengue; light shed on a friend’s untimely death; and un-hoaxing a mythic email.

Welch Wanderings  
An innovative tool for use against malaria; reducing child mortality worldwide; a new take on heart surgery’s impact; and other news briefs.

Scientists take another look at the 1918 flu, the “granddaddy” of infectious disease epidemics.

First Person
A new magazine section presents faculty, student and alumni stories from the frontlines of public health. The narratives are drawn from the book Saving Lives Millions at a Time.
An Emmy Award-winning documentary puts human faces on the AIDS epidemic; plus other faculty and student honors.

Et AL  
Why “community rating” could make America’s health care more affordable.