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First Person 

 By Jim Duffy   Photos by Claudio Vazquez

Faculty, students and alumni share stories from the frontlines of health

First Person Student
Rakesh Sarwal,
Doctoral Candidate, Procter & Gamble Fellow
In arid areas of India, Rakesh Sarwal is measuring the difference a rainwater-retention effort can make in village life.

First Person Faculty
Susan G. Sherman,
Assistant Research Professor, Epidemiology
Studying the social factors behind drug use and prostitution is Susan Sherman's professional passion. Making jewelry is her hobby. She never really planned to put the two together.
First Person Student
Lance Price, PhD Student, Environmental Health Sciences
Lance Price’s passion for environmental science began when he witnessed the desecration of the treasured family ranch where he spent childhood summers.
First Person Alumna
Devra Davis, MPH Alumna and Author of When Smoke Ran Like Water
A pollution-related disaster in her hometown lies at the heart of Devra Davis’s lifelong interest in environmental health and chronic disease.