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The Fall 2004 issue of Johns Hopkins Public Health will be online November 3.



Saving Lives Millions at a Time
From the eradication of smallpox to the latest research on malaria, Saving Lives Millions at a Time explains the global reach and vital importance of public health. Excerpts from the book are included in this special magazine section.

Cover art from the book Saving Lives Millions at a Time 


Editor's Note  
The School celebrated April 23 with a new building, a new book, and a renewed commitment to global health.

The benefits of empty hospital beds, revisiting gold standards in health, and other missives from around the globe.

Welch Wanderings  
A retrovirus emerges among bushmeat hunters in Africa; four new faculty join the School; a digestive disease reveals clues about schizophrenia; and other news briefs.

Best of the Fest
On April 23, guests, faculty, and students gathered to commemorate the newest teaching and research facilities and to rededicate the School to its core mission of protecting health and saving lives.

Eight decades in the making, the School's home at 615 N. Wolfe is now complete.

Et AL  
The public health paradox: When public health succeeds, nothing happens.