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Brian W. Simpson

Brian W. Simpson

Brian W. Simpson

As editor of Johns Hopkins Public Health, Brian W. Simpson has written stories on everything from the development of the polio vaccine and the influence of Islam on public health, to international tobacco issues and the latest cellular-level discoveries. In addition to being magazine editor, Simpson is also editorial director for the Communications Office and oversees a team of four writers. Prior to coming to the Bloomberg School in 2001, Simpson worked as a newspaper reporter in Florida, an editor and writer in Texas, a technical writer in Moldova and a freelance writer in Baltimore. Brian earned a BA in English and a bachelor of journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA in writing from the Johns Hopkins University. He lives in Baltimore County with his wife Joanne and children, Chloe and Colt.

Previous stories in Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine:

"The Muslim Mosaic"

Spring 2005
One in five human beings is a follower of Islam. Globe-spanning and fast-growing, the religion has natural but sometimes complicated ties to public health.


Fall 2004
Mining secrets from the infinitesimal worlds of DNA, proteins and viruses, bench scientists at the Bloomberg School are discovering new solutions for global health.

"Smoke Out!"

Spring 2003
By 2030, Nicotiana tabacum will kill more people than any other cause, experts predict. Jonathan Samet and the Institute for Global Tobacco Control are using science and education to slow this raging epidemic.

"In Harm's Way"

Fall 2001
Braving disease, death, and violence, public health researchers risk their lives to save others'. Seven researchers at the School share their stories.

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