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Kristi Birch

Kristi Birch

Kristi Birch

Kristi is a writer/editor in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at the Bloomberg School, where she writes and edits everything from magazine and Web articles to postcards and bookmarks.

She began her career as an editorial assistant at the Johns Hopkins Press. From there she went to Waverly Press, where she edited scientific journal articles, and later a healthcare data company, where she edited books of numbers. She much prefers writing real sentences made of real words about real issues, such as those in "Ten Cheap Ways to Save the World." When she was doing the research for this piece, Birch was struck not so much by the low cost of the interventions, but by how very simple they are. "We could save so many people just by making sure people have access to things like clean water and condoms," she says. "Public health is often such basic stuff."

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