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Melissa Hendricks

Melissa Hendricks

Melissa Hendricks

Melissa Hendricks is a freelance writer who enjoys writing stories that connect basic science to the familiar, everyday world. Her stories on science, medicine, education and (even a few on lacrosse) have appeared in many different university publications, including Johns Hopkins Magazine, where she was the senior science writer for 11 years. She has also written for New Scientist, Science News, Ladies' Home Journal and USA Weekend.

Previous stories in Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine:

"Risky Business"

Spring 2005
Helping teenagers steer clear of drug use, reckless driving—and a litany of other risky behaviors—will require more than scare tactics and "Just Say No!" campaigns.


Fall 2004
Talkative, engaged toddlers suddenly withdraw into a future of silence. Epidemiologists seek the source of autism and the reason for burgeoning autism diagnoses.

"Off the Scale"

Spring 2003
Two in three Americans are overweight. The plethora of fad diets available over the years obviously hasn't helped. What's needed, School researchers say, is an environmental change.

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