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Mike Field

Mike Field

Mike Field

A Baltimore resident for 19 years, Mike Field has worked at Johns Hopkins University for the past 12, currently in university administration on the Homewood campus. A previous article for Johns Hopkins Public Health, "Asthma: The Breathtaking Disease" won a gold award from the CASE district II competition for feature articles in 2003. Field is a part-time playwright and holds a Masters in Drama Studies from Johns Hopkins. He teaches playwriting on an adjunct basis at Goucher College, and his most recent work is part of the 2005 season at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Previous stories in Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine:

"Asthma: The Breathtaking Disease"

Fall 2002
Two decades into the asthma epidemic, little is known about what causes asthma or how to prevent it. Researchers aim to revolutionize asthma science on both counts.


Fall 2003
"When SARS arrived in the Philippines, Jean-Marc OlivŽ was one of the first to know. And this was before the term SARS—severe acute respiratory syndrome—had been coinedÉ" And other reports from alumni worldwide.


Spring 2003
"In 1948, a thermal inversion trapped smoke from a steel mill and zinc smelter, creating the smog that killed at least 20 people and sickened thousands. The landmark incident also prompted Devra Davis, MPH '82, a two-year-old Donora native at the time of the tragedy, to write When Smoke Ran Like Water." And other stories from alumni worldwide.

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