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The Muslim Mosaic

The Muslim Mosaic
The immense diversity of the world’s Muslims means public health practitioners must craft solutions that are unique to regions, cultures and villages from Karachi to London and all points in between.
Special Feature by Brian W. Simpson

Kerti Shah

Wise Words
Eight titans of public health share the surprises they've faced and the challenges they've overcome while launching new disciplines and blazing the paths of discovery.
Interviews by Kristi Birch

Adolescent Health Illustration

Risky Business
Helping teenagers steer clear of drug use, reckless driving—and a litany of other risky behaviors—will require more than scare tactics and “Just Say No!” campaigns.
By Melissa Hendricks


Editor's Note  
Women whose work refutes the notion that scientific research requires testosterone.

Cooking with plastic; a major issue; and a matter of will.

Welch Wanderings  
Cleaning up our act; mapping a cure to the TB epidemic; a supersized effort toward better eating; and other news briefs.

J. B. Grant, known today as the “father of primary health care,” laid the groundwork for the barefoot doctors system in the 1920s with a bold experiment in China.

First Person
A Turkish student who aims to be a “big man” in the villages of her home country, and other stories from students, faculty and alumni on the frontlines of public health.
Two honored for their “firsts”; plus more faculty and student achievements.

Et AL  
Why it wasn’t business as usual in Davos this year.