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First Person 

By Jim Duffy   Photos by Claudio Vazquez

Faculty, students and alumni share stories from the frontlines of health

First Person Student
Sule Calikoglu, PhD Candidate, Health Policy and Management
A Turkish student hopes to use her public health expertise to improve the way health care is delivered in her homeland.

First Person Faculty
Ellen Silbergeld, Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
For Ellen Silbergeld, an afternoon of fishing yielded an Aha! moment that changed the course of her work in environmental risk assessment. 

First Person Faculty
Karl Broman, Associate Professor, Biostatistics
Whether it’s practicing ballet moves or finding elusive genes, Karl Broman takes the analytical approach.

First Person Alumnus
Jeffrey Kuhlman,
U.S. Navy, Physician and Resident, Occupational and Environmental Medicine
It used to be easy for Navy officers assigned to the White House to think they were out of harm’s way. Jeffrey Kuhlman found out otherwise on September 11, 2001.