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Welch Wanderings

Rolf Halden

Cleaning Up Our Act

While it only takes a few seconds to wash your hands, the soap that rinses down the drain can contaminate the environment for years to come.

TB: A Global Epidemic, A Curable Disease
TB will kill more people this year than any other year, despite the fact that there's been a cure for more than 50 years.

No “Safe” Threshold for Ozone?
The Environmental Protection Agency may need to revise its ozone pollution standards… again.

Rebuilding Tsunami-Shattered Lives
The devastation was so great in some places that relief workers are not just feeding the survivors, but helping to rebuild society's civic and social structures.

Taking Aim at Malaria in Zambia
The Malaria Institute at Macha (MIAM) will conduct trials on new malaria drugs, will host an NIH-funded immunology study to examine the immune response to malaria, and will also study mosquito behavior.

News to Live By
Canadian Forest Fires Foul Baltimore Air ... Few Americans Aware They Have Chronic Kidney Disease ... High Blood-Sugar Levels Linked to Cancer ... Regular drinkers of alcohol are up to three times as likely to die from injuries — Research from the Bloomberg School

Quick Antibiotic Response Key to Containing Anthrax
About 70 percent of anthrax cases could be prevented if antibiotics were distributed within six days after exposure and patients took them for 60 days. In 2001, some postal workers did not begin taking antibiotics until nine days after exposure.

Elite Honors for Senior Faculty
Three of the Bloomberg School’s own were recently bestowed with some of public health’s greatest honors.

A SuperSized Effort Toward Better Eating
Imagine middle school kids in the United States living without fast food, candy, pizza and soft drinks.