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Past issues of Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine are available online. Click on the cover image or the title to see the issue.
Spring 2007 Issue
Spring 2007 Issue

A New Age for Old Age

Fall 2006
Special Urban Health Issue

25 Ways to Improve Urban Health

Spring 2006
Crossroads: Africa

Crossroads: Africa

Can Africa's boundless potential overcome age-old barriers to health? New technology and expanding health education and research make some think that Africa's moment has arrived.

Fall 2005
Disease Forecasting

Cover Story: Disease Forecasting

Relying on satellites, computers, African hunters and even the humble chicken, researchers are building disease warning systems to catch viruses on the verge of sparking epidemics.

Spring 2005
The Muslim Mosaic Image

Cover Story: The Muslim Mosaic

The immense diversity of the world's Muslims means public health practitioners must craft solutions that are unique to regions, cultures and villages from Karachi to London and all points in between.

Fall 2004
Microcosmos Image

Cover Story: Microcosmos

Mining secrets from the infinitesimal worlds of DNA, proteins and viruses, bench scientists at the Bloomberg School are discovering new solutions for global health.

Spring 2004
Spring 2004 Cover Image

Cover Story: Saving Lives Millions at a Time

From the eradication of smallpox to the latest research on malaria, Saving Lives Millions at a Time explains the global reach and vital importance of public health. Excerpts from the book are included in this special magazine section.

Fall 2003
Anatomy of an Epidemic Image

Cover Story: Anatomy of an Epidemic

A mysterious respiratory ailment that broke out in southern China quickly sparked a global epidemic. How has SARS changed the future of public health?

Spring 2003
Smoke Out! Image

Cover Story: Smoke Out!

By 2030, Nicotiana tabacum will kill more people than any other cause, experts predict. Jonathan Samet and the Institute for Global Tobacco Control are using science and education to slow this raging epidemic.

Fall 2002
Breathtaking Disease Image

Cover Story: The Breathtaking Disease

Two decades into the asthma epidemic, little is known about what causes asthma or how to prevent it. Researchers aim to revolutionize asthma science on both counts.

Spring 2002
The Science of Security

Cover Story: The Science of Security

As the nation prepares itself for future terrorist attacks, the questions are endless and the answers elusive. How can American cities prevent or, if need be, respond to a man-made smallpox epidemic, a sudden outbreak of tularemia, a bomb studded with radioactive material, or a poisoned water supply?

Special Edition 2001
Center of the Crisis Image

Cover Story: Center of the Crisis

A lone voice in bioterrorism preparedness for years, the School's Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies faces its first real-life threat.

Fall 2001
In Harm's Way Image

Cover Story: In Harm's Way

Braving disease, death, and violence, public health researchers risk their lives to save others'. Seven researchers at the School share their stories.

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