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Fall 2007

U.S. health care's systemic problems. The story of one of America's 450,000 brownfields. The still-ticking global population bomb. This issue of Johns Hopkins Public Health delves into the most compelling research stories from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Read on.

Fix This Mess

Fix This Mess

How can a nation that outspends other countries on health care catch up on quality, access, efficiency, equity and accuracy?

Arsenic in Swann Park

Arsenic in Swann Park

A "little oasis" of green in gritty South Baltimore, Swann Park has attracted generations of athletes, neighborhood kids and other residents. But an adjacent pesticide factory—dismantled decades ago—left a contaminated legacy that recently resurfaced.

Still Ticking

Still Ticking

The "population bomb" did not explode—nor did it go away. Lulled by falling birth rates in many countries, the global health community has forgotten population's influence on public health.

Purely, Water

Purely, Water

Clean, safe water—the lucky draw it from the tap. Not so, though, for 1.2 billion people in the world. From high-tech approaches such as membrane filtration and in situ testing to low-tech pumps, pots and chlorine drops, solutions abound.

Frontiers of Public Health/Rights to Health

Epidemiologist Chris Beyrer wields data and scientific rigor in defense of human rights.

Essay: Being There

Robert H. Gilman believes every discovery has its place.


Editor's Note

Reflections on the fragility of good health.


Ideas on aging; nanoparticles; kudos.

News Briefs

Dealing with depression in post-conflict Uganda; nurturing newborns in India; stepping up vaccinations in Afghanistan; slowing the spread of hepatitis B in Thailand; and new uses for old drugs.


Nipping it in the bud: Josef Coresh, the epidemiologist of chronic kidney disease. Plus more faculty and student achievements.

Open Mike

Taking PEPFAR to the next level.

Magazine Staff

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