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Spring 2007

From an in-depth look at aging and health, to one man's quest to stop TB, a graphic investigation into how DNA shapes the health of populations, and more, this issue of Johns Hopkins Public Health chronicles the cell-to-society research at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

A New Age for Old Age

A New Age for Old Age

The unprecedented increase in human life expectancies over the last century could auger nothing less than a society-wide redefinition of life's last stage. From new strategies for exercising the brain to revised models of caregiving, the key concept is "compression of morbidity"--keeping older adults healthy for as long as possible.

The Genetic Journey: Following DNA from Cell to Society

The Genetic Journey: Following DNA from Cell to Society

Since the 1953 discovery of the celebrated double-helix, the genetics revolution has promised a new era of disease treatment and prevention. As researchers map the genome and trace the thread of life from the molecular level to individuals and beyond, the payoff for public health is closer than you think.

The Patient Scientist

The Patient Scientist

The tuberculosis bacterium is a study in persistence, its dormant form lurking for years in the patient as it waits for the opportunity to awaken and multiply. But for two decades, groundbreaking TB researcher Ying Zhang has proven to be just as tenacious.

Saving Frederick

Saving Frederick

At the end of malaria season in Zambia, one dying boy tries to beat the odds.

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Parting words


Urban health addenda, from making streets bike-friendly to helping homeless vets

News Briefs

The lifesaving cut that might stem HIV in Africa. Plus: A controversial study of mortality in Iraq; chronic woes in the developing world; small talk on nanotech; and four takes on the art of leadership.


A Portrait of the Scientist: George W. Comstock, professor emeritus of Epidemiology. Plus: Faculty and student achievements.

Open Mike

What does the 1904 Great Baltimore Fire teach us about the great mess of today's hodge-podge health care system?

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