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Human Rights and Sex

By Christine Grillo

Sex Trafficking and Forced Labor

  • 1.4 millionTrafficked sex workers worldwide at any given time
  • 98Percentage of trafficked sex workers worldwide who are women and girls

Gay Rights

  • 85UN member nations that criminalize sex between consenting adults of the same sex
  • 10Nations with death penalties for homosexual relations between consenting adults
  • 13Percentage of white men who have sex with men (MSM) in Baltimore who are HIV positive
  • 51Percentage of black MSM in Baltimore who are HIV positive


  • 100Percentage increased risk of HIV acquisition for migrant miners in South Africa, compared to nonmigrants
  • 26Times increased likelihood that male South African migrants employed in gold mines will acquire HIV outside of their primary relationships, compared to the likelihood of acquiring HIV inside the same relationships
  • 35Percentage of female sex workers in Moscow who have an STI
  • 100Percentage increased likelihood that a female sex worker in Moscow without legal residency papers will have an STI, compared to sex workers who have legal residency papers

Sources: International Labour Office of the UN, 2005 estimates; Sifakis F, et al., High HIV Prevalence and Incidence Observed Among African American MSM in Baltimore: The Behavioral Surveillance Research (BESURE) Study; Beyrer C, et al., Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Fourth Edition, 2008; Stachowiak JA, Sherman S, Konakova A, Krushkova I, Peryshkina A, Strathdee S, Beyrer C, SIECUS Report, Spring 2005

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