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Sex & Health Quiz

Sex and Health Quiz

Sex and Health Quiz

Think you know all about sex and health? Take the test.

The following dozen questions about everything from contraceptive facts to biological statistics were compiled by Robert Wm. Blum, MD, PhD, MPH, the William H. Gates Sr. Chair and Professor of Population, Family and Reproductive Health (PFRH), and Vignetta Eugenia Charles, MSc, a PFRH doctoral student, based on suggestions from PFRH faculty.

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1. The first evidence of contraceptive use was among:

  1.   Egyptians dating to 1800 BC
  2.   Greeks dating to 350 BC
  3.   Romans dating to 1st century AD
  4.   Italians dating to 1300 AD
  5.   French dating to 1850 AD

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