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The Face of Trauma

Shehzad Noorani

The Face of Trauma

When he was seven, Abdul Malik lost his leg and his brother to a landmine in Kabul, Afghanistan. For every young person killed by violence worldwide, an estimated 20–40 receive injuries that require hospitalization. And up to 50 million people are injured by road traffic crashes every year. While many low-income countries lack complex trauma care systems, recent innovations in care, such as mentoring by fellow survivors, may provide ways of mitigating trauma’s profound toll. (See related story.) 

Source: WHO


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  • Donna OTey

    Seattle 07/29/2011 12:52:30 AM

    Has there been any research monitering if women in developing countries do begin smoking is there a Westernization of of her behavior, demanding or expecting increased civil and legal rights. Have women who are not weathy who smoke changing cultural norms; are they more likely to be attending college and marrying later. having fewer children etc? I am not a smoker but having some memory of the behavior women in the US modeled or adapted during our period of demanding equality. American women were also targeted by the tobacco companies, we were presented with a cigarette they named Virginia Slims. The cigarette was very long and thin the paper on the filter was gold. Ear;y on I remember seeing Gloria Steinem smoking a long thin cigarette. My friends and I admired her immensely, many of us smoked VS's. I was too afraid to smoke after watching my mother die at 45 from COPD.

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