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M. Daniele Fallin

inSights with M. Daniele Fallin

To solve the mystery of autism and its causes, new research is combining the concepts of genetic and environmental risk. Genetic epidemiologist M. Daniele Fallin explains how the EARLI study may yield much-needed breakthroughs.

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Dean Klag on Global Health Research

Hear the Future

What are the greatest future threats to health? What role will research play? What are the priorities for public health schools? Dean Michael J. Klag surveys the future in a conversation with Johns Hopkins Public Health editor Brian W. Simpson.

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DeLisa Fairweather on Autoimmunity

inSights with Dr. Fairweather

Autoimmune diseases like arthritis or myocarditis threaten more than 15 million Americans. Immunologist DeLisa Fairweather explains why these diseases target certain people and how you can reduce your risk.

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