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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Saving on Vaccines by Dosing for Sex
Science of the Sexes” [Spring 2011] reminds me of my own experience conducting clinical trials in the 1980s on the safety and efficacy of a rabies vaccine in Lahore, Pakistan. I found that females had twice the titres of immune globulins after vaccination as compared to males. I shared this information with the dean of the Institute of Public Health and a faculty member in Immunlogy at a local medical school. The latter gave me a copy of a published paper originating from Johns Hopkins University, explaining the link of the immune system with X chromosome.

By adjusting dosage for sex, the costs of expensive vaccines can perhaps be brought down—an important lifesaving measure in developing countries.

Dr. Ali Raza Chughtai
 Lahore Cantonment, Pakistan

Bullying Revisited
I sent this article [“Darkness Visible,” Spring 2011] to my middle schooler’s principal, and she shared it with her school counseling team. The school is going to discuss starting a student club similar to the one at Central Middle School. So I think it’s an inspiring article as well!

Teresa Wonnell
 via Magazine Comments

What an inspiring article. I have a child ready to enter high school. I am thankful bullying is no longer looked at as a rite of passage.

Cathy Readmond
 via Magazine Comments

This Magazine Stinks
Thank you for continuing to send me the magazine. However, I must bring to your attention an aspect of the magazine that is not desirable—its smell. I don’t know what printing process and materials that you use, but it smells like a freshly opened can of paint and continues to smell like that for weeks afterward. The smell is so undesirable that I throw it away as soon as possible, rather than keep it around and then recycle it.

Suzanne Marks, MPH94, MA
 Atlanta, Georgia

Editors Note: We print with soy ink and 50 percent recycled fiber. This is our first odor complaint.

Imagining Tofu Tuesdays
More government control? Meatless Monday? Then they will tell us what to eat on Tuesday. Maybe Tofu Tuesday, White Meat Wednesday, etc. We have been able to figure out what to eat for years. Let’s get back to being America. People making their own choices and taking responsibility for our actions and suffering the consequences if we don’t. That is our right. Some people are just too stupid to get out of our way.

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  • Dr. Ali Raza Chughtai

    Lahore Cantonment. Pakistan 08/03/2015 10:40:40 PM

    Saving on Vaccines by dosing for Sex, in this iteration, reveals that women are already living longer then men, effects of dosage also have bearing on next generation and there may be need to assess comparative monetary values of normal doable work differentiating for sex. Perhaps next iteration may like to focus on what appear to be mild rare to occasional symptoms and value of related disability, if any, reported by original author of article.

  • Dr. Ali Raza Chughtai

    Lahore 54810 Pakistan 10/24/2015 10:41:48 AM

    In this iteration, with experience of development one can venture to call for improved or better vaccines with lesser side effects, this approach appears feasible given a variety of good features in various vaccines already discussed or pointed out along some spectacular successes; as well as proven aspects or capabilities of modern pharmaceutics to precisely target receptors with lesser or no unwanted side effects.

  • Dr. Ali Raza Chughtai

    Lahore Pakistan 11/09/2015 08:03:28 PM

    Learning from Johns Hopkins University Professor of Environmental Health Sciences relevant or pertinent for present situation is order of merit as: 1. Industry. 2. University. 3. Government. and One can go from industry to university; once in government, one can not get out.

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