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Tweet-Tweet: Fan of JohnsHopkinsSPH Yet?

Though it hasn’t yet reached a Lady Gaga–level of celebrity, the Bloomberg School has a growing mix of online fans, friends and followers.

A go-to source for public health news and information, the School currently has more than 137,000 Twitter followers (with 1,000 more joining each week) as well as more than 4,000 FaceBook fans, reports Tim Parsons, director of Public Affairs in the School’s Department of Marketing and Communications. “With our Twitter posts, we offer a mix of news about the School and information on important public health issues,” Parsons says. “The response has been terrific and has led to prominent media placements and increased interest from the general public.”

Look for JohnsHopkinsSPH (the School’s social media moniker) on Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube.

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