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Youth on Yoga

Youth on Yoga

For urban youth suffering from social-emotional difficulties, behavior problems and poor academic performance, a school-based mindfulness intervention involving yoga-based movement can be a positive antidote, according to a new study by Tamar Mendelson, PhD, assistant professor in Mental Health.

A pilot randomized-controlled trial conducted in four Baltimore public schools suggests that the 12-week intervention (held four times per week, for 45 minutes each) significantly reduced stress responses such as rumination, intrusive thoughts and emotional arousal. Mindfulness practices may help the students’ ability to regulate thoughts and emotions, says Mendelson.

Her research appeared in the October 2010 issue of the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.


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  • Bhavna

    NJ 04/30/2011 08:07:24 PM

    I am glad to see that there are studies to prove effectiveness of yoga on students. I am a project manager by profession but am also certified to teach yoga. I am currently looking to expand yoga to youths and am volunteering for programs in Manhattan to introduce meditation.

    I would love to participate and learn more about studies you are doing.

    Regards, Bhavna

  • Sam D Perez

    Baltimore 10/03/2011 04:20:23 PM

    I have just obtained my PhD by conducting a research project in Psychoneuroimmunology. I'm interested in your research, and I am willing to collaborate as a research associate; if possible to take on a postdoctoral position in the near future.

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