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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A Stronger Disaster Response

I value Christine Grillo’s article [“Fall and Rise,” Fall 2011] on our unprepared public health community in the face of disaster. As a student studying public health, I believe we could better respond to a situation like 9/11 with more government funding to train health professionals and coordinate the activities of agencies and institutions.

We must abandon the notion of public health workers sitting behind a desk doing policy and administrative work. They have the power to improve the well-being of our citizens.

 Jane Ye 
   Berkeley, California

Awaiting Part Two 

I am eager for the results of the follow-up study [“Weight Counseling in Black and White,” Spring 2011]. I wonder if the time allotted to providers during an office visit actually plays a part in the lack of or insufficient weight counseling.

Due to my patient demographic (U.S. Coast Guard members at a military outpatient clinic), I am not faced with that issue. However, smoking cessation counseling is equally important. When you constantly remind patients who smoke about the cardiac risk factors and the high likelihood of lung cancer and pulmonary issues, and the vast majority responds with a nonchalant attitude, it can be discouraging.

Temitope A. Omoniyi, PA-C
  Physician Assistant, U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Clinic
  Washington, D.C. 

A Call for Road Safety Research in Tanzania 

The article “International Health at 50” [Fall 2011] was very inspiring. The International Injury Research Unit (IIRU), led by Adnan Hyder [associate professor, International Health], attracted my attention.         

Road traffic accidents in Tanzania are a great public health challenge, causing many deaths, injuries leading to disabilities, and, ultimately, to economic losses. Technological and economic developments have brought many motorcycles to both rural and urban areas, and motorcycle-related accidents account for a large portion of all accidents.          

My wish is to have the IIRU help our country to address all facets of the problem.

Eliudi S. Eliakimu, MD, MPH  '10 
   Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

 A Good Walk 

What a wonderful and inspiring story [“Walk with Me,” Technology Issue 2012]. I’ve known Sheila Fitzgerald [associate professor, Environmental Health Sciences] for years and was moved last year when she was able to participate in the School’s Convocation. We all cheered when she walked on the stage for the first time to sit among her colleagues. She truly rocks!

Janice Bowie, PhD  '97 
   Associate Professor, Health, Behavior and Society
   via Magazine Comments


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