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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Soliciting Solutions

This article ["Tough Oil," Fall 2011] provides an excellent overview of how peak oil impacts public health. However, I am surprised and disappointed that there is little or no mention of how the field of public health should respond. As a master's student at JHSPH working in Bangladesh, and part of the Social Science and Sustainability Working Group, I see environmental vulnerabilities impacting population health in real time. We scientists, trained to protect health and save lives, can't stop at pointing out the problem without suggesting some adaptive responses.

Kristyna Solawetz
  Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Environment of International Health

It is surprising that the field of International Health makes virtually no mention of water, sanitation and hygiene [International Health at 50, Fall 2011]. Is the ultimate message of IH that prevention is a waste of time and curative approaches are the only viable ones? International Health needs to understand environmental health.

Martin, France
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Three Thumbs Up for Taylor Video

I took as many courses from Dr. Taylor as I could [Online Extras, Origins of International Health, Fall 2011]. He has had a huge influence on my life. Thank you for presenting him on video.

Cheryl Polansky Baraty
  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I vividly recall Dr. Taylor sharing his thoughts on our trip to the villages of Himalayas, India. He made it clear to the village headman that in order to progress, it is very important to empower the woman. His gentle but persuasive way made it possible for many to catch his vision.

Dinesh Taylor
  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As a physician experienced both in urban tertiary care and rural primary health care in Nigeria, and now taking a master's degree in international health care management, economics and policy, I find the story of the late Dr. Carl Taylor very inspiring. I cannot think of a better time for the world to come to the recognition of his genius.

Luther-King, Milan, Italy
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The 7 Billion

It is true that all countries, especially developing nations, need to focus on educating girls to prevent early pregnancies and early marriages, engaging more males in family planning methods and addressing cultural issues that favor having numbers of children among some tribes. [Global Health Snapshot/Population, Fall 2011]

Eliudi Eliakimu
  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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  • Benjamin Ackerman

    Baltimore, MD 03/21/2012 12:22:56 AM

    ​On March 23rd, 2012, the Affordable Care Act will celebrate its 2nd birthday.  As an eighteen-year-old freshman in college, in a time where there’s a high price on education, I am extremely grateful that my health coverage is one of the least of my financial worries.  Being able to safely stay on my parent’s plan while on the other side of the country for college has allowed me to focus more on my education and personal development.  Since the fall, I have had some health difficulties in adjusting to a new environment – strep throat, multiple sinus infections, even asthma.  There’s no greater feeling than receiving a bill in the mail for a medical procedure where the co-pay has been reduced to just a few dollars.  On March 23rd, 2012, I will be celebrating the ACA and all of the benefits it has provided to my family and me.

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