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Stories you liked in the Spring 2014 issue.

Magazine - Spring 2014 Small Data graph
72%Bodies in the Desert
9%Still Waters

15%Still Waters

4%Telomere Express


Asylum Seekers

I don’t have the words to describe my feelings after reading about the horror that asylum seekers endure ["Bodies in the Desert," Spring 2014]. Power to you for highlighting this ongoing atrocity.

Arif Pervaiz / Karachi, Pakistan

Music and Memory

I am fascinated by Linda Maguire’s enthusiastic in-depth study into the clinical use of music for people with dementia. [“Sound Medicine," Spring 2014]. My wife developed dementia at age 65, and we have been living in a continuing care facility in High Point, N.C., for six years. Early on, I discovered the “magic of music” in people with memory loss. For the past three years, I’ve been leading a weekly sing-along of patriotic songs, old hymns and “oldies” for those who live in our skilled nursing section because of a wide spectrum of memory loss. I’ve observed firsthand the very positive effect of music and the powerful recall it elicits as well as its calming qualities. 

J. W. Richard “Dick” Harding III, MD, MPH ’75 / High Point, N.C.

A Fine Farewell

Thank you so much, Ricky Fine, for giving your very special gifts to serve the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health ["Dream Maker," Spring 2014]. Funding is such a basic and important part of the work. I am grateful that you have been willing to give your enormous talents and exceptional enthusiasm to help fund research, the School and the individuals who benefit from the programs relating to public health.

Bunny Mosley / Timonium, Md.

I liked very much the wording, “I’ve brought the talents I do have—creativity, passion and commitment—to public health. [I am] connecting people with their dreams … to do my part to make this happen.” Magical words. Kudos.

Dr. Vinod Nikhra / Delhi, India


To some extent e-cigarettes reduce second-hand smoke, and lesser tar content is good for health. [“All Steamed Up," Spring 2014]. But still, there is the nicotine effect and cancer-causing content probability. This issue needs research still. I think e-cigarettes can catch the fascination of youth and lead to addiction.

Virender Kumar / Himachalpradesh, India

Editor’s Note: The e-cig discussion continues. Experts weigh in on their regulation in our new "Open Source" forum.

Dowry Violence

The article written by Varsha Ramakrishnan, MBBS, MPH ’13, was really amazing! [“A Broken Promise," Fall 2013]. She did not take the task about spreading awareness about this issue lightly: She did extensive research and spoke to people from all aspects of this issue. The mindset of people about treating women as a commodity has got to change.

Rathnamala Palavar / Dubai

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