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All Steamed Up

All Steamed Up

E-cigs are ubiquitous in ads and in the hands of "vapers." Are they the solution to anti-tobacco efforts or gateway gadgets?

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A Shower Cap EEG in Bhutan

A Shower Cap EEG in Bhutan

Bhutan has 10,000 people with epilepsy, one EEG and not a single neurologist. Farrah Mateen has a solution.

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Danger: Plasmodium Crossing

Danger: Plasmodium Crossing

Among the challenges in preventing malaria transmission: People move, and mosquitoes don’t recognize borders.

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Gauging Gun Risks

Gauging Gun Risks

A history of violent acts or serious substance abuse, not mental illness alone, should determine who is allowed to own a gun and who isn’t.

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A Million and Counting
In less than two years, a million people explored topics near and dear to our collective heart. For faculty dedicated to the transmission of knowledge to protect health, it's pretty heady stuff.

The Governor
As the new senior policy scholar at the Bloomberg School, Ronnie Musgrove advises researchers on how to transform evidence into lifesaving policies.

The Public Health Narrative
Students Tsega Gebreyesus and Varsha Ramakrishnan responded to affronts to health and dignity by unleashing the power of storytelling.

Letters to the Editor
Bravos for the food issue, concerns about CAFOs and 141 trillion calories worth of edible food wasted each year in the U.S.

The Last Pixel: Look to the Future
Like the silhouetted visitors to an ancient fort in Agra, India, you're pausing at the threshold of old and new.

Transformational Take on Kidney Disease, and a Sabin for Santosham.

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Still Waters

Still Waters

This gallery by photojournalist Kuni Takahashi illustrates key preventative measures initiated by Bloomberg Philanthropies in Bangladesh where 12,000 children drown annually.

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