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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

All About Food 

BRAVO on a splendid issue of Johns Hopkins Public Health! The fact that the whole issue is devoted to food is a wonderful achievement and the content is excellent. The essay by Terry Spence [“Paradise Lost,” Winter 2014] was perfect.

I am grateful for this needed attention to a looming public health crisis.

Polly Walker
Senior Fellow and former Associate Director
Center for a Livable Future

Battling CAFOs

Great article [“Paradise Lost”]! We are starting the battle too. A CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) was just built across the street from my home, less than a half mile from a small town. When will people wake up and realize how it hurts our environment and the people?

Roxanne via Magazine Comments

I agree totally with Mr. Spence [“Paradise Lost”]. I was raised on a ranch in North Dakota and when I moved to the big city it was quite a shock. I wholeheartedly believe in organic farming and humane practices for animals raised for food. If not for clean air, clean water and healthy food, we have nothing. Thank you so much for your efforts and for your standing up for all of us like minds.

Rebecca via Magazine Comments

Missouri is great. I loved that article [“Paradise Lost”].
I started an organic farm in 2001 and turned it over to some young farmers 5 years ago. I remain involved in farming as a volunteer, managing 140 acres at a job training program for at-risk teens in Brookeville, Maryland.

Edwin Gould
Brookeville, Maryland

An End in Sight 

A recent report by the USDA reveals that 141 trillion calories worth of edible food is thrown away in the U.S. each year. Among the mind-boggling quantity of wasted food are foods discarded by restaurants and retailers, including spoiled and  perishable food.

The annual total is enough to add about 1,200 extra calories to every American’s daily calorie intake.
Lack of food security and access in the U.S is a multifaceted problem with no silver bullet. But if we can focus just a bit more attention and effort on reducing wasted food, we may see significant progress.

Marjorie Phan
Los Angeles, California


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