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Congratulations and thanks for the outstanding Summer 2015 issue of Johns Hopkins Public Health! While each issue reflects a tremendous amount of work on the part of many people, I was amazed that the unfortunate disturbances that took place in Baltimore in late April were not only mentioned, but were integrated into the text ["The Saints of the Streets," Summer 2015]. I can only imagine the heroic steps that were needed to accomplish this.

Carol Lewis / Rockville, MD


Reading about infectious disease gurus like Brad and David Sack [“Lions in Winter,” Summer 2015] encourages us to work hard and persevere in what we envision doing in countries like Nepal.

ABhattachan / Via Magazine Comments


Amen. For too long, the Ph in PhD [“Putting the Ph Back in PhD,” Summer 2015] has been a farce, and we’re all paying for it both within and outside the academy. When I see those letters after an applicant’s name, I ask a lot of questions—and all too often, the answers are pretty horrifying. Good luck, Arturo.

Oliver W. Cromwell / Via Magazine Comments

While I applaud the sentiment and appreciate the curricular gesture towards broad thinking and the big picture, I think this addresses a symptom rather than the root cause of individual scientists’ increasingly narrow focus. Until the rate at which new doctorates are granted matches the rate at which suitable jobs are created, one year of philosophy-oriented classes is not going to outweigh anyone’s professional self-preservation instinct and the increasing specialization will continue.

Anonymous / Via Magazine Comments

I would love to see quantitative skills integrated into all undergraduate science labs so that they are reinforced across the sciences. I think we have lost these things at the PhD level in part because of the undergraduate degree becoming a mill to generate drones for jobs in industry, and becoming the new “high school” graduate.

Robert Flight / Via Magazine Comments

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