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Object Lessons

To help our magazine celebrate the Bloomberg School Centennial by telling the School's history through objects ("Objects of Affection"), we invited our alumni to join in the fun. Here are the stories and photos they shared of objects that symbolize their personal commitments to public health. 

Miniature waterpump

Water Pump

Dean Michael J. Klag

MD, MPH '87

Object Description

Constant companions on my public health journey

Ana Rita Gonzalez

ScD ’94 in Health Policy

Object Description

PDCA: The Scientific Method of Improvement

Barbara McKinney

MD, MPH ’07

Object Description

Honoring Unique Traditions

Emily Bahne

MPH ’05

Object Description

The Twisted Trident: A Public Health Tool

Ingrid Kohlstadt

MD ’93, MPH ’94

Object Description

In My Mind’s Eye

Joseph H. Richman

MD, MPH ’74

Object Description

Balancing Competing Demands

Karen Kinder

PhD ’00

Toddler child using a feature phone

Ode to the Feature Phone

Lauren Spigel

MPH ’14


Biking Has Many Benefits

Lew Barker

MD ’59, MPH ’91

Object Description


Lisa Folda

MHS ’05


Never Leave Home Without It

Marcelo Cardarelli

MD, MPH ’06

Cunningham holding box of punch cards

IBM Punch Cards

Nicholas Cunningham

MD, DrPH ’77

Object Description

Eastern State Penitentiary

Nicholas Scharff

MD, MPH ’03

spade and dirt

Water, Air AND Soil

Polly Walker

MD, MPH, ’01

Bottles of Atabrine

Lessons from Atabrine

Remington Nevin

DrPH Candidate, MPH ’04

Object Description

Live Free or Die

Robert Chamberlin

MD, MPH ’82

Fluorite Crystal

Fluoride and Oral Health

Robert Collins

DMD, MPH ’80

Lab tech holding infant blood screening card.

A Newborn Bloodspot Screening Card

Robert F. Vogt, Jr.

PhD ’83

Insurance Cards

Plastic Privilege

Sarah Clarke

MSPH ‘13

rustic clay pot

A Clay Pot

Sonia Hegde

MPH ’11

Hard hat

We Build Things

Stephen Moore

MPH ’93

Object Description

Join the Army of Public Health

Warren Wong

MPH ’12

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