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Small Data

Top 10 online Johns Hopkins Public Health spring 2015 readers outside the U.S., by total page views:

Magazine - Spring 2015 Small Data graph
  1. Canada - 21.4%
  2. India - 15.8%
  3. Taiwan - 11.1%
  4. U.K. - 10.9%
  5. Peru - 9.6%
  6. Australia - 7.4%
  7. Bangladesh - 6.9%
  8. Mexico - 6.3%
  9. Indonesia - 5.4%
  10. Malaysia - 5.2%


“The Exchange” column titled “Game Changer” [Spring 2015] mentioned a conspiracy—a “Western plot to control populations of certain countries”—a notion all too familiar here in the southern U.S. Protesters line the sidewalks where inner city health clinics provide abortion and contraceptive services to disproportionately black communities. They see racially targeted genocide and population control, not unmet needs.

Sometimes it is less about “something we can all agree on” and more about the “someone” who needs family planning services. Just as the Congolese train local health workers to combat Ebola, we in the U.S. must continue hosting conferences in areas where we hope to advance family planning efforts. This is an essential step in training a cadre of messengers to create trust within their own communities.  

Brent Monseur, ScM ’12 /  Richmond, VA

Vet Weighs In

Thank you kindly. “Invisible Wounds” [Spring 2015] was a great article. I am a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. From 2003 to 2004, I served in the Infantry and was stationed in Ar-Ramadi, Iraq. I was subjected to quite a few improvised explosive device blasts. After getting diagnosed with traumatic brain injury in San Antonio at The Audie Murphy Hospital, I am still having issues getting my claim approved. My biggest issue is the lack of records. I was never treated because I was still alive. Frankly, I am at the end of my rope. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Editor’s Note: Researcher Rachel Chase, PhD ’14, has reached out to Mr. Steinke to connect him with resources to assist him.

Rickey Steinke / Via Magazine Comments


Thank you for sharing this positive view [the Rethinking essay “Give Dads a Chance,” Spring 2015). Kathryn Edin is right—it’s time to change our approach and “wrap” fathers in a “host of supportive services” instead of prison.

Lorenn Walker, JD, MPH / Via Magazine Comments


I want to thank the School and the editor’s team for the wonderful job that they have done in producing the magazine. I am extremely thrilled every time I receive the magazine. I really love the outlook, the stories, articles and even the pictures.

Thank you!

Grace Yong / Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

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