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DDT Raises Reader Ire

Zika carriers are already resistant to DDT. May as well debate whether to use Windex, or perfume, to fight Zika.

Ed Darrell / Via Magazine Comments

This is a serious epidemic; every available weapon should be used to combat it including DDT.

Earl Hickey / Via Magazine Comments

Bring back DDT! [“Zika: Is DDT An Answer?", Summer 2016]. Are all these “experts” on the payroll of the anti-DDT insecticide and pesticide lobby? Read “The Mosquito Killer”

Adam Neira / Via Magazine Comments

Mindfully Thankful

Fantastic article, thank you. [“The New Science Of Thriving", Spring 2016]. As a pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist, I am often inspired by working with young people who are practicing mindfulness to develop resilience and heal from trauma!

Dzung X. Vo, MD / Via Magazine Comments

Excellent article. I am not a scientist or a doctor… but an individual who experienced abuse and trauma in the first 20 years of my life. I have made great strides in healing through meditation as well as other mindfulness practices. My interest in mindfulness began as a quest to heal, but it has evolved into an overall way of living.

Anonymous / Via Magazine Comments

Citing Earlier Work

This was a lovely article. [“At Home On The Reservation", Summer 2016]. Mathu Santosham deserves full praise for his work on oral rehydration and his groundbreaking work on childhood immunization. What escaped mention was the Johns Hopkins project with the Whiteriver Apache Indian tribe that I led in the early 1970s. A major paper, among several from our project, established the role of ORT in the USA. I write to correct the history of ORT. It is important to note that scientific progress builds on the work of others.

Norbert Hirschhorn, MD / London

I always mention the early work that was done by Norbert and others on the Apache reservation when I talk about the history of ORS. I mentioned it to the writer who interviewed me for this article, the focus of which was on the work that was done after I arrived at Whiteriver.

Mathuram Santosham responds:

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