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Top stories from the Fall 2015 online issue based on average time spent on page.

JHSPH Magazine Fall 2015

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I am a British motorcycle instructor who has been asked . . . to help address the issues (in Thailand). Thailand has a helmet law [“Crossing to Safety,” Fall 2015], however in rural areas, the majority still will not use them. Some training schools offer off-road training but nothing in the way of defensive riding skills like those that are available in the UK. Complex cultural differences in Thailand mean the standard Western approach of enforcement simply will not work, as the rising statistics continue to prove. Thailand needs a new approach that works with the Thais rather than against them.

Carol Jadzia / Via Magazine Comments

The “Crossing to Safety” article captures the current condition of traffic accidents in my country, Indonesia. Laws and rules seem unworkable. Its about behavior, manner and culture.

Susiana Nugraha / Via Magazine Comments


I compliment you on the great layout of the magazine as well as the well-written, very interesting articles. Needless to say, I read the Fall 2015 issue from cover to cover!

Betty Addison / Via Magazine Comments


I received my PhD approaching 20 years ago and felt at the time, as you do now, that it was too narrow. [“Putting the Ph Back in PhD,” Summer 2015] I hope that the current fad of awarding PhDs only after finishing in the allotted time, irrespective of the value of the thesis, will also be countered.

Richard / Via Magazine Comments

I got my PhD in Computer Science so long ago—and so early in its development—that my fellow candidates and I were expected to know all of the engineering practice and all of its logical, linguistic and mathematical theoretical underpinnings. [“Putting the Ph Back in PhD,” Summer 2015] I’m still awestruck that at one point in time we did indeed know everything there was to know about the discipline.

R. Wexelblat / Via Magazine Comments

Dr. Arturo Casadevall, please be prepared for the long road. [“Putting the Ph Back in PhD,” Summer 2015] We have been tutoring at the graduate level for a few years and see the narrow attitude in students. I hope this is a turning point in education. May God bless your effort!

Tutor Sentih / Via Magazine Comments

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