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Turning Points Illustration

Turning Points

By Karen Kruse Thomas

Special Centennial Section: Four defining moments give glimpses into the rich history of the Bloomberg School.

Conor McMeniman

All That Buzz

By Alexander Gelfand

The newest hope for disease control? Hack moquitoes’ sense of smell.

Mathuram Santosham

At Home on the Reservation

By Jim Duffy

Mathuram Santosham saved his life—and millions of others—by learning to be a “champion of failure.”

Game Change Illustration

In Search of Game Changers

By Anthony D. So

Our fast-changing global food system desperately needs creative solutions.


Zika: Is DDT an Answer?

With the Zika virus a moving target, five experts weigh in on a drastic control measure.

Illustration of Pitcher

Diamond Data

By Maryalice Yakutchik

Can statistics—the longtime love of baseball fans—help prevent injuries on the field?

Nobel laureate Peter Agre and scientist Fidel Antonio Castro Smirnov

Science Diplomacy

Nobel laureate Peter Agre and scientist Fidel Antonio Castro Smirnov chart a future for U.S.-Cuban scientific cooperation.

Mike Klagg

No Health Without Wealth

By A Note from Dean Michael J. Klag, MD, MPH ’87

Decades of stagnant real income have had real effects on health in the U.S.

Anna P. Durbin

Familiar Foes

By Kate Belz

In the fight against Zika, researchers are relying on lessons learned from battling dengue.

Brain Illustration

Mini Brains: The Rat Replacement

By Salma Warshanna-Sparklin

The human brain has a new mini-me for neurological disease studies and drug development.

Stop the Dying illustration

Stop the Dying

By Maryalice Yakutchik

Experts attending AIDS 2016 in Durban pursue issues of equity.

Health care workers tending a patient

Wealthy and Sick

By Gary Gately

Why do oil-rich Middle East countries struggle with public health?

Chien-Jen Chen

Meet Taiwan’s New VP

By Karen Kruse Thomas

Alumnus Chien-Jen Chen takes office, prioritizes public health.

Lab samples.

Health and History

By Salma Warshanna-Sparklin

Clive Shiff’s preferred method of teaching about tropical parasitic diseases involves a well-preserved worm collection.

Family cemetery in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Elegy for the Children

By Brian W. Simpson, MPH ’13, Editor

A family cemetery in the Blue Ridge Mountains reminds us of our recent past and the current reality for too many in the world.