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Open Mike: No Health Without Wealth

No Health Without Wealth

By Michael J. Klag

Decades of stagnant real income have had real effects on health in the U.S.

React and Respond

React and Respond

Letters to the editor on past issues of HBPH Magazine.

Collections: Parasites Preserved

Parasites Preserved

By Salma Warshanna-Sparklin

Clive Shiff’s preferred method of teaching about tropical parasitic diseases involves a well-preserved worm collection.

Back Story: Elegy for the Children

Elegy for the Children

By Brian W. Simpson, MPH ’13, Editor

A family cemetery in the Blue Ridge Mountains reminds us of our recent past and the current reality for too many in the world.

Students Then and Now

Students Then and Now

By Jackie Powder

Much has changed since the first cohorts of Bloomberg School students.