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Being 100

Recounting the Centennial year by the numbers.

Story by Jackie Powder • Illustrations by Eric Hanson

Like the Bloomberg School itself, the 18-month-long Centennial celebration was big, bold and global. Here’s the sometimes-serious, sometimes-raucous evidence of success.

  • 3
    Top American writers who shared their stories at the “What’s Next? The Future of Public Health” June 9, 2016, event

  • $1 million
    Centennial Scholars campaign's December 2017 goal

  • 7
    Future public health leaders born at Johns Hopkins Hospital on June 13, 2016, exactly a century after the School’s founding

  • 1
    Bloomberg Hopkins 100 Awards celebration in NYC hosted by Michael R. Bloomberg on September 19, 2016

  • 207
    Centennial dinners attended by alumni, faculty, staff and friends in 35 countries

  • $300 million
    Bloomberg Philanthropies’ gift to fund the Bloomberg American Health Initiative to tackle top health threats in the U.S.

  • 300+
    Public health leaders and influencers at the June 9, 2016, Centennial Recognition Dinner

  • 504
    Pages in Health and Humanity: A History of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 1935-1985, by Karen Kruse Thomas

  • 10
    Public health topics covered in Centennial Schoolwide art installations

  • 1
    American Journal of Epidemiology Centennial issue

  • 100,000+
    Audience reached in Dean Klag and Josh Sharfstein's Twitter chat

  • 100
    Objects That Shaped Public Health featured in The Washington Post

  • 26
    Endowed Centennial Scholarships

  • 11
    Faculty op-eds published in the Centennial Thought Leadership series

  • 7
    Deans and department chairs dunked at the Centennial Fun Festival for local charity

  • 28
    Centennial Committee members who gave their time and talents to make the Centennial happen

  • 870+
    New students in the Centennial class

  • 5
    Public health leaders honored at the September 19, 2016, Bloomberg Hopkins 100 Awards celebration

  • 2,370
    Page number of The Lancet’s Centennial profile of the School

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