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Hand-drawn illustration of child playing in the palm of a large hand

Li-Ching Lee Reaches Out

By Christen Brownlee

Bringing the latest, greatest tools in autism diagnosis and treatment to the whole world.

Dean Michael Klag

Change Agent

By Karen Kruse Thomas

A look back at Michael J. Klag’s 12-year tenure as dean of the Bloomberg School.

Marsha Wallis-Karp

When 2 Become 1

By David Glenn

In the new Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, expect deep collaboration and smart solutions.

Michelle Spencer

Ready, Set, Innovate

By Brian W. Simpson

The Bloomberg American Health Initiative’s Michelle Spencer updates us on new fellows and big plans.

girl standing on watercraft

Troubled Waters​

By Jackie Powder

Are daycare centers a solution to preventing child drowning deaths in Bangladesh?


Rethinking: Mind and Body

By Colleen Barry 

We can’t retreat from hard-won victories in mental health and addiction care.

hypodermic syringe

Open Source: Supervised Drug-consumption Spaces

Should supervised drug-consumption spaces be used to address the opioid/heroin epidemic?

 Carissa Etienne and Carlos Castillo-Salgado

Americas’ Health

PAHO director Carissa Etienne and epidemiologist Carlos Castillo-Salgado compare notes on Zika and the future of health in the Americas.


Open Mike

A Note from Dean Michael J. Klag, MD, MPH ’87

The Finale

data visualization

The Science of Data Science

By Rin-Rin Yu

What’s a statistician to do with data from 4 million students?

lightbulb illustration

Critical Class

By Kate Harrison Belz

The R3 Graduate Science Initiative dives into high-stakes questions.

Paris skyline at night

City of Light

By Jackie Powder

IAS 2017 in Paris highlights rapidly evolving HIV science.


Human Touch

By Rin-Rin Yu

A new fingerprint-operated pill dispenser aims to reduce opioid pilfering.



A glimpse into the Bloomberg School’s accomplishments during the 2017 academic year.

8-bit computer illustration of a field and sky

Mind Games

By Kate Harrison Belz

Hitting restart on the public health conversation around gaming.

Onlookers reacting to something out of frame.


By Jackie Powder

hand with pen illustration

Back Story: The Editor’s Path

By Brian W. Simpson, MPH ’13, Editor

Secret to survival: work with amazing people.