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From Discovery to Practice; In Praise of Trailblazers; Seeking Balance

From Discovery to Practice

Dean MacKenzie’s “Case for Advocacy” [Summer 2018] touches on the cornerstone of translational medicine: turning basic research into actionable clinical interventions on a population level. ...

At the most recent Aerospace Medical Association annual meeting, I used this framework to present work starting with former Biochemistry and Molecular Biology chair E.V. McCollum’s discovery of vitamin D. This was the first step in a story spanning almost a century that brought together unique resources, various funding streams and interdisciplinary approaches to solve the problem of microgravity-induced osteoporosis, a problem that will be exacerbated in NASA’s upcoming long-duration deep space missions .... From terrestrial laboratories … to the International Space Station, this story reaches maturity with an analysis of dairy fortification to prevent osteoporotic fracture. 

[The School’s] collaborative work among research scientists and public health professionals serves as a reminder that in order to save lives—millions at a time—our work starts on the molecular level, whether our population is here on Earth or headed to Mars. 

Brent Monseur, MD, ScM ’12

In Praise of Trailblazers

Public Health: A Love Story” [Summer 2018] is very heartwarming and so relatable. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and shared the story with my husband, who’s in the clinical research field. I’m in the public health field.

The story attests to the resilience, strength and sacrifice that professional women make to create that “work-family-life” balance. The U.S. makes it harder for women to achieve this. But many women are making it work for themselves and their families, thus serving as trailblazers for other women. I applaud Tara Loyd for her insight and sacrifice, and I also give credit to her supportive spouse. 

Thank you for publishing such a relevant article. 

Maryam Funmilayo

Seeking Balance

I recently read the article [Lindsay Smith Rogers] wrote about Tara Loyd …. Thank you for writing about her experiences. I found it very relatable to my own situation in trying to balance a relationship and a global health career.

Elizabeth Frost