Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Public Health Mag Cover

The Parasite in Her Sights

By Carrie Arnold

A small-intestine organoid allows Isabelle Coppens to study Toxoplasma in three dimensions—and test ways to kill it before it can harm its host.

11 minute read

By Ellen J. MacKenzie, PhD ’79, ScM ’75

Cross-sectoral investments are critical for tackling the double—and triple—burdens of disease.

4 minute read

The Power of Public Health

A plan to shape the future of our School and our field.

2 minute read

Sensing a Pattern

By Alexander Gelfand

5 ways mobile sensors are changing public health.

8 minute read

The Exchange: Africa Rising

Past progress fuels future hopes for African health, WHO’s Matshidiso Moeti tells Epidemiology’s William Moss.

4 minute read

Just Show Up

By Nick Rodricks

How a simple pledge ignited a movement built on community.

3 minute read

Rethinking: Lost Knowledge

By Kay Dickersin

The progress of science depends on how we preserve and share what we know.

4 minute read

A Visionary Approach

By Jackie Powder

Technology has potential as a demographic tool.

2 minute read

The Future, Energized

By Brian W. Simpson

The Bloomberg American Health Summit infuses hope for critical solutions.

2 minute read

Experts weigh in on gene-editing technology.

2 minute read

We Lived Like Prisoners

By Divya Mishra

In Greece, refugee boys and young men must navigate meager services, high risks and slim hopes.

6 minute read

The Perspective Changer

By Melissa Hartman

New Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Jeremy Shiffman views global health through a social science lens.

4 minute read

Blood Simple

Proteomics could enable low-cost nutritional testing in poor communities.

2 minute read

Rough Roads Ahead

By Trevor Ruben

Improving AV testing to advance mobility for everyone.

2 minute read

Spring 2019 Agenda

Dates + Deadlines

5 minute read

Documenting the diversity of public health in Bangladesh.

1 minute read

React and Respond

Fueled By Hope; Social Distortion; Climate Change's Many Implications; Community of Resilience; An Even Bigger Story

3 minute read

By Brian W. Simpson

To solve the global refugee crisis, we first need to know ourselves.

1 minute read

By Brian W. Simpson

Border miseries

1 minute read