The daunting problem has some powerful solutions. The first is family planning.

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In righting wrongs, they’re protecting the health of millions.

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Public health can respond to the challenges of the moment and tackle fundamental barriers to health.

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Rumble strips, roundabouts, and other design improvements can drastically lower U.S. traffic deaths.

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A child of colonialism, global health began with the export of Western concepts of health and medical care—and the protection of colonizers from local diseases. Here’s how committed insurgents in the field are overturning those lingering perspectives.

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My path to public health included a beauty pageant in the world’s newest country.

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The parasite-mosquito-human nexus spawns an incredibly complex disease challenge. Successes against malaria often don’t last, nor are they easily replicated. Yet.

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Dyes, relaxers, and conditioners give salon clients the styles they want—and leave salon workers with a potentially dangerous chemical burden.

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Medication abortion or traveling to other states will be options for some. Others will endure unsafe procedures or other costs.


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