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Bloomberg Initiative Fellows

Return Engagement

By Jackie Powder

Meet the first Bloomberg American Health Initiative MPH fellows.

Cassandra Crifasi during target practice at her home.

Dismantling the Narrative

By Laura Wexler

Gun owner and researcher Cassandra Crifasi aims to change the conversation.

corn field illustration

Food for Sight

By Alexander Gelfand

Vitamin A deficiency threatens the vision and lives of millions of children in sub-Saharan Africa. Biofortified staple crops could provide a nutritional safety net. 

Xiaobin Wang (left) and Winnie Tang collaborate across departments to investigate how epigenetic changes happen—and how they’re passed down.

Persistence of Change

By Carrie Arnold

Can environmental exposures like smoking cause transgenerational epigenetic changes?


Mixed Methods

By Joseph Gallo

Finally, mixed methods—combining quantitative and qualitative research—is all the rage.

lab work

Open Source

How can we reduce drug prices while preserving robust research and development?

A community mobilizer and a potential client discuss family planning at a clinic in Nigeria.

Taking the Initiative

By Rin-Rin Yu

Cities' sustainability depends on the reproductive health of the urban poor.

Dean Ellen J. MacKenzie, PhD ’79, MSc ’75

Ellen’s Take

By Dean Ellen J. MacKenzie, PhD ’79, MSc ’75

Essentials from Dean Ellen J. MacKenzie

President Bill Clinton and G. Caleb Alexander

The Exchange

President Bill Clinton and G. Caleb Alexander, MD, MS on stemming the opioid epidemic.

dental tools

The Dental Divide

By Jackie Powder

Why Medicare should cover dental care. 

Cynthia Minkovitz

People Person

By Brian W. Simpson

A Q&A With Cynthia Minkovitz, new chair of the Population, Family and Reproductive Health department at the Bloomberg School.

Dean Ellen J. MacKenzie, PhD ’79, MSc ’75

The Protector and Promoter

By Brian W. Simpson

Inside the mind of the 11th dean of the Bloomberg School.

home remedy  Early intervention through home visiting programs can help vulnerable families make positive changes that have lasting impacts.

Bringing It Home

By Jackie Powder

Early childhood expert Anne Duggan’s research strengthens home visiting programs to help families thrive.

stylized world map

Quadrennial Quorum

By Rin-Rin Yu

Population scientists cross borders to share findings and methods.


A Tremendous Season

By Brian W. Simpson

Our timely power to convene others in common cause.

Tchotchkes display on a table cloth.


By Melissa Hartman

Healthy Artifacts collected by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs.